Fraud Alert

Double A

Double A (1991) Public Company Limited and its global affiliates (“Double A”) are committed to conduct and practice in accordance with International Corporate Governance Principles and Business Management Practice.

You may report your complaints or concerns of any suspected violation of laws, dishonest or fraudulent activities, unlawful conduct or any suspected actions which are deemed non-compliance to the aforementioned principles to the Managing Director and/or the Head of International Audit at Double A through the Whistleblower Channel

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Whistleblower Protection and Reward Policy:

  1. The identity of the informer/whistleblower shall be treated with confidentiality as much as possible. The reports shall also be treated in a confidential manner, to the extent possible.
  2. Double A ensures that there will be no consequences against any individual which is the informer/whistleblower as a result of making a good-faith report regarding any suspicious illegal actions and any other wrongdoings in accordance with this policy.
  3. Double A prohibits retaliation against any individual who had made the report based on his reasonable belief of the possible violation or suspected wrong doings had occurred.
  4. The Individual who believes he has been subject to the retaliation or any consequences due to the Whistleblowing is advised to immediately contact the aforementioned Whistleblower Channel for assistance.
  5. Double A provides the whistleblower with financial reward of USD 1,500 if the submitted material/information leads to the disclosure of the offences/fraud/corruption/miss-conduct of the parties concerned.