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Korean MBA Students, Double A Joined Hands

Strengthening the educational foundation of young students, leading them to the right path to sustainable success Ð this is just one of the myriad ways on how Double A gives back to the community. The recently conducted Double A Community Participation Program with Korean MBA students from Dankook University Graduate School of Business has provided Wat Lang Thaum School: a rural school in Thailand with teaching materials and sports instruments to help the school provide quality education and new learning experience to the students. In this opportunity, Double A representatives, Korean MBA students and Thai youth students together, planted Double A Paper-Tree on the vacant school grounds to let the guests experience the essence of Double A Community Participation Project. The trees they planted will mature to become a sustainable raw material for paper production and an additional source of fund for the school.




August 26, 2011, Double A has recently hosted a group of Graduate Students from Dankook University Graduate School of Business for a corporate social responsibility (CSR) project at Wat Lang Thaum School, a rural school at Prachinburi Province located a few kilometers away from Double A pulp and paper mill.



Double A senior executive vice president Thirawit Leetavorn along with the students and faculties of Wat Lang Thaum School has warmly welcomed the visiting group of Korean MBAs which is primarily composed of CEOs, Managers and business professionals of some of South KoreaÕs leading companies.


Dubbed as Double A Community Participation Program which is aimed at giving assistance to needy schools in nearby areas surrounding Double A mill, the Korean students is the very first batch to witness how the project is conducted.


A short program was held wherein the students performed a Thai traditional dance to welcome the guests. A donation ceremony followed to hand over the educational materials and sport instruments from Double A and Korean MBA student to Miss Wanrika Koawkhajorn, Director of Wat Lang Thaum School. ÒThese materials will surely help us in our studies. Thank you for being so kindÓ said a student representative on behalf of the school.


To close the program, a tree planting activity where several seedlings of Double A Paper-Tree were planted by the students and Korean visitors on the school groundÕs vacant space. The school will grow the trees and resell to
Double A after 3-5 years of cultivation. The proceeds will be used to buy basic educational materials and school building maintenance.


ÔEducation is the foundation of a great future but not everyone has an access to it. Double A has identified poverty, lack of school supplies and teaching instruments as the key hindrances to quality education and these are what we are trying to address hereÕ, said Mr Leetavorn.


ÔIn the future, every school in this region will benefit from this activity and the program will gradually expand to neighboring provincesÕ added Mr. Leetavorn.


As one of the leading paper brands in Korea, Double A also opened its millÕs gates to the Korean visitors and showed them how a premium quality paper is made. The graduate students have witnessed for the first time Double AÕs sustainable paper production, cutting edge technologies and environmental friendly processes.


ÒIt is a great honor to visit an eco-friendly company like Double A. I have seen Double A factory and have witnessed the manufacturing process for the first time. This activity had helped me perceive Double A paper as more eco-friendly than other brands. My first-hand experience with Double A will help me to continuously use and choose this brand in the futureÕ said Mr Dylan Kim, CEO of TAEWON International and one of the graduating MBA students.


Double A aims to attain genuine sustainability for the community, environment and economy. Sharing its success to the community through Double A Community Participation program is just the beginning of a sustainable development.