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Sustainable products, First and always.

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Being eco-friendly is our number one priority

At Double A, sustainability begins with sustainably grown trees, which help mitigate global warming. We source only certified wood or wood from special fast-growing trees called the Paper-Tree.

In the regions where the farming takes place, this sustainable sourcing method also creates positive partnerships with local communities, enabling local farmers to earn additional income by growing the Paper-Tree, fast growing trees that are developed for making Double A paper, in vacant spaces between their rice paddies.


The KHAN-NA Secret: A Revolutionary Approach to Land

More than 50% of Thailand’s space is devoted to agriculture. Yet farmers still maintain unused land between the rice paddies that is used for walking the field; they are known as KHAN-NA. By supporting the cultivation of the Paper-Tree through the KHAN-NA, we give farmer families additional income as well as precious shade. The trees also help with climate change by absorbing carbon dioxide and releasing oxygen. In this way, we protect the world’s existing natural forests, too.


Utilizing Biomass Power: No Waste is Wasted.

To make the most use, all waste (wood bark, knotted wood, chips, lignin and sludge) from the pulping process is channeled to the power plants for biomass electricity generation, which in turn fuels the mill and supplies energy to nearby communities.

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Conserving Water: Capture the Rain!

The 35 million cubic meter giant manmade reservoir was built to function as a catchment area to collect rain water runoff that helps prevent floods and also provide for Double A mills’ water requirements.

We leverage technology to minimize our water consumption throughout the production process. To make the best use of resources, we use our recycled water to irrigate the trees around the mill.

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Social Sustainability

We’re dedicated to bettering the lives of people in the communities who share their home with us.

Farmers use their KHAN-NA, otherwise unused land, to cultivate trees; this provides shade, absorbs CO 2 , generates O 2 , and is a reliable source of additional income.

Double A also spearheads school funding programs wherein trees are planted in vacant spaces around schools; Double A purchases these trees when they mature, and schools use these funds for educational materials and classroom improvements.

Our goal is to better the communities we serve, both in Thailand and throughout the world.

We continually work to exceed the expectations of our key shareholders, government institutions, non- profits, NGOs, banks and financial institutions, trading partners, employees, customers and the community.

From a financial standpoint, the increased incomes for farmers, funds for schools and local and global employment opportunities all contribute to our goals for economic growth and sustainability.

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Environmental Sustainability
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Social Sustainability
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Economic Sustainability