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Sustainable products, First and always.

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Being eco-friendly is our number one priority


Responsible Sourcing and Sustainable Regeneration

At Double A, sustainability begins with using sustainably grown trees which help fight climate change. We source certified wood and fast-growing Paper-Tree, avoiding logging of natural forests.

This process of sustainable sourcing also involves continuous replanting of the Paper-Tree by farmers in rural communities, which creates a positive social impact by creating jobs, providing sustainable livelihood and a secure source of income.


Circular Economy: No Waste is Wasted.

We make sure that we foster sustainability throughout every step of our production process.

All waste (wood bark, knotted wood, chips, lignin and sludge) from the pulping process are channeled to the power plants for biomass electricity generation, which in turn fuels the mill and supplies energy to nearby communities.

Thus, no waste is wasted.

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Lessen our impact on earth: Conserving Water

The 35 million cubic meter giant manmade reservoir was built to function as a catchment area to collect rain water runoff that helps prevent floods and also provide for Double A mills’ water requirements.

We leverage technology to minimize our water consumption throughout the production process. To make the best use of resources, we use our recycled water to irrigate the trees around the mills.

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Doing our bit for Social and Economic Sustainability

Our goal is to better the communities we serve.

We dedicate to create shared value through the “Paper from Farmed Trees” for supporting local farmers on how to gain extra benefit by optimizing and utilizing their land. This program will not only provide an alternative income for local communities but will also enhance a healthy long-term relationship.

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Environmental Sustainability
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Social Sustainability
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Economic Sustainability