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Visit Double A’s Exhibit of Asia’s Most Preferred Paper Brand at Paperworld Middle East

Dubai, UAE, 28 February 2017 – Double A, Asia’s most preferred paper brand, will be on exhibit at Stand 2-C12 in Hall 2 of Dubai International Convention and Exhibition Center from 14-16 March 2017.


Double A’s distinct quality attributes – smoother surface, sharper print and suitable paper for double-sided printing - have propelled the paper brand into becoming the most preferred in Asia, including the Middle East. It maintains this position by continuously delivering tangible consumer benefits supported by product trial and loyalty programs.


‘Majority of our user base are office workers who use paper for important documents and presentations. Therefore, we strive to provide only the best paper with remarkable consumer benefits and qualities that meet even the most stringent printing and copying requirements. At this year’s event, the highlight will be our brand’s distinct quality attributes and how these have helped our customers deliver sharp and professional work,’ said Mr. Thirawit LeetavornDouble A’s Senior Executive Vice President.


Double A’s quality is derived from the pulp of paper trees with exceptionally high fiber count. Thai farmers grow the paper trees in straight row along KHAN-NA or the previously unused piece of land between rice fields.

Double A is inviting its business partners, customers, paper buyers and dealers from the region to visit Double A’s booth at Stand 2 – C12. Meet with the Double A team from the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) to find out more about the brand and its latest offerings.

News / Press Release

Double A Obtains PEFC Certification

Double A (1991) PLC. is a Thai pulp and paper producer, certified by PEFC (The Programme for the Endorsement of Forest Certification) for its Chain of Custody Standard (PEFC CoC). Double A proudly announces its recent achievement of PEFC CoC certification, solidifying its commitment to sustainable practices and environmental responsibility. This certification reflects Double A's dedication to maintaining high standards in the production of paper products while promoting forest conservation and biodiversity. Double A continues to lead the way in providing eco-friendly and quality paper solutions to assure its customers around the world (145 countries) that Double A paper and other Double A branded products come from sustainably sourced, tree-based materials. These products are made with responsibly managed production processes, creating sustainable environmental, economic, and social value, while adhering to rigorous quality and premium standards. Operating with good governance principles, Double A has identified the importance of the environment, and has committed to sustainable practices to support it. As a result, Double A also carries the following global certifications, ensuring that their facilities and production processes adhere to standards of quality, sustainability, health and safety: ISO9001 - Quality Management Systems, ISO 14001 - Environmental Management Systems, and ISO 45001 - Occupational Health and Safety Management Systems. Additionally, in a step towards a greener future, Double A has committed to achieving net zero carbon emissions by 2050. This ambitious target underlines the company's unwavering pledge to environmental stewardship and sustainable business practices.

Double A Targets Net Zero by 2050, Moving the Roadmap to Fight Climate Change Forward

Double A is committed to achieving net zero emission across the value chain by 2050. The roadmap to reduce greenhouse gas emissions includes an increased usage of EV trucks for transportation of materials, as well as increased solar and renewable energy sources. By promoting the sustainability and ESG considerations– environment, social, and governance – Double A’s mission is to enable a greener and better world for all stakeholders by continuously adapting, innovating, and finding new ways in our value chain to utilize sustainable wood-base fiber resources. Mr.Yothin Dumnernchanvanit, Chairman of Executive Board of Double A (1991) Public Company Limited revealed that “Double A sees climate change and global warming as important matters in which every stakeholder must take action. To show our responsibility to the world, Double A has developed a clear greenhouse gas reduction target across the entire organization. Double A commits to reducing carbon emissions by up to 25% by 2030. We further commit to achieve carbon neutrality by 2040 and net zero emission by 2050. Double A pledges to reach net zero emission while maintaining the local and international standards for its business, and its premium quality products supplied to customer in more than 130 countries across the globe.” Double A operates its business by taking into consideration sustainable development across every aspect, applying the ESG framework into its business practice and employing the 3S strategy to carry out these 3 principles of sustainable development, for the betterment of the company and the world. Sustainable Sourcing. The unique idea of planting paper trees on vacant strips of land between the rice fields and providing a sustainable source of raw materials for paper production, while fully utilizing agricultural land is the beginning of the Double A sustainability story. Only certified wood, or the fast -growing paper-tree that was developed specially for making Double A paper is used in the production process. These paper trees planted by farmers greatly help in absorbing carbon dioxide. Further, no natural forests are disturbed to produce Double A paper, contributing even more to environmental protection and conservation. Social Harmony. The farmers earn extra income by planting the paper trees. The additional income earned by the farmers goes back into the community, creating a positive impact on the grassroots economy of Thailand. Self-Sufficient. The leftovers from production process are turned into clean renewable energy. We utilize the “By product” generated from our production process; for example, Black liquor, which is the leftover after pulp production, is turned into Biomass energy. We also have plan to increase solar power utilization for production and electric vehicles for transportation so as to reduce greenhouse gas emission in another way. We also follow the 4R principles – Reduce, Reuse, Recycle, and Renew, to build a self-sufficient factory, achieving net zero carbon emissions. As a result of our environment and sustainability focus, Double A has been certified by two global standards, FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) and PEFC (Programme for the Endorsement of Forest Certification), assuring its customers that Double A paper is responsibly produced with sustainable raw materials, without harming mother earth. Lastly, Double A is proud to announce that it has joined the Thailand Carbon Neutral Network (TCNN) to partner with other companies whose goals are Carbon Neutrality that encourage Thailand to achieve its committed carbon target. “Despite the challenging net zero target, we strongly believe that our determination and cooperation with all sectors will get us there. Together, we can drive the country to achieve its goal of net zero faster” said Mr. Yothin