Double A Care

Care for your good health,
your everyday well-being.

Surgical & Fabric Masks

Reduce exposure to Virus & PM 2.5, comfort in daily wearing

Learn more* about Double A Surgical Mask and Double A Fabric Mask designed for everyday protection - for you and your circle.

Hand Sanitizer

Anti-bacterial with Blue Sea scent, worry free from sticky or dry hands

Waterless-75%-alcohol hand spray and hand gel from the brand of your trust are now available.

Hand Soap

Anti-bacterial, gentle wash without drying out skin

With water, you can choose to reduce the build-up of bacteria either with Double A Care foaming hand soap or liquid hand soap.

Examination Gloves

Be protected from contamination, be comfortable to wear and worry-free to perform a range of hygienic tasks.

Double A Care Gloves suit for medical works and other industries e.g. food industry, cleaning business and so on.

Tissue & Cleaner

Keep clean and disinfected with fresh scent.

Select Pure Water wipes and disinfectant products of your choice from Double A Care.