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Double A is widely recognized as the number one premium paper brand in Asia, with robust performances in Australia, Europe and the Middle East and the potential for strong growth throughout the world. 

We got our start in 1991. From the beginning, we’ve worked to offer our consumers the best possible paper quality by employing the most effective best practices. Today, we make paper for more than 130 countries across six continents.

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We took careful steps in selecting high quality pulp materials which are derived from a signature raw material called the ‘Paper-Tree’ -a key contributor to the consistent high quality of Double A paper. We acquired state-of-the-art technologies to build up ‘The Mill of Tomorrow’ in unused rural area of Thailand with a humble ambition; not only to create earth-friendly pulp and paper manufacturing, but also being responsible to bettering the lives of people in the communities.


Among the other commodities, Double A took the chance to create our products, our brand with a unique different approach. Different, but of trusted quality.

From the seed in the ground to the point where your ideas come alive on paper, we strive for the highest quality. And we are honored to better the world through smart, sustainable and responsible environmental care.

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Yet we never stop in expanding our new products and services to support your everyday working life, to help enhance your professionality and fulfill your creativity…as we are A partner for you,

flying to the future
together with you…always.