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Leading NGO Lauds Double As Paper from KHAN-NA

Mr. Thirawit Leetavorn (center), Double A Senior Executive Vice President receives the Green Leadership Award from
Mr. William Ng (left), President of Enterprise Asia and Mr. Michael Ma, CEO of IndoChine Group.

(Bangkok, 5 July, 2012) – (Premium copy paper maker) Double A recently won the Green Leadership Award for its sustainable Paper from KHAN-NA (PFKN) program at the prestigious Asian Responsible Entrepreneurship Awards - Southeast Asia (AREA-SEA) 2012 held on 29th June in Singapore.


This year, Double A's Paper from KHAN-NA is acknowledged as the winner for its exemplary approach in achieving greater sustainability - one that tackles not only environmental issues but also answers social and economic concerns.

"Paper from KHAN-NA has set the bar high for other corporations to follow", shared Mr. Thirawit Leetavorn, 
Double A senior executive vice president and the recipient of the award. “This accolade will serve as an inspiration for Double A to continuously develop equally sustainable programs and ways to further our commitment to Corporate Social Responsibility', added Mr. Leetavorn.


A type of agro-forestry which grows hybrid hardwood on unused land in between rice paddies (KHAN-NA), the Paper from KHAN-NA program supplies Double A mills with 100% sustainable short fiber for production of paper – known today as Double A copy paper sold in 120 countries worldwide.


Further to this benefit, Paper from KHAN-NA also promotes energy and water efficiency throughout the mill: the former through a "Waste Not, Want Not' principle wherein all tree waste from pulp and paper production are turned into renewable biomass power, while the latter through the recycling of waste water for reuse within the mill.


As a responsible corporate citizen, Double A also gives precedence to the welfare of community members. Paper from KHAN-NA has helped improve the living conditions of more than 1.5 million farmers across Thailand through the incremental income earned from planting trees. 

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