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PEFC Welcomes Double A as International Stakeholder Member

Bangkok, Thailand, 2 March 2017 - Double A, a major pulp and paper producer in Thailand, has been accepted by PEFC as an International Stakeholder member.


“It is wonderful to welcome  Double A into the PEFC alliance,” said Ben Gunneberg, CEO of PEFC International. “
Double A are doing fantastic work with smallholders in their country, as well as playing a vital support role in the development of a Thai national forest certification system.”


“In PEFC, Double A has found the right organization through which we can promote our trees outside forests based agroforestry, as well as be part of a global system where constant knowledge can be gained through appropriate networking and deliberation,” said Mr. Thirawit Leetavorn, Senior Executive Vice President of Double A.


Smallholder agroforestry


Double A promotes a trees outside forest (ToF) based smallholder agroforestry project called KHAN-NA. The project enables smallholder to grow fast growing eucalyptus trees around the edges of their rice field. This unique approach does not take land away from food production but instead promotes multiple use of farmlands – for growing trees and cash crops. The saplings are provided by Double A through a buy back contract and are ready to harvest in three to four years.


Over the last few years, this approach has proven to be a very sustainable initiative. Not only does it produce the required raw material for Double A Pulp and Paper, but also provides economic benefits to the farming community.


Double A and PEFC certification


However, this innovative and successful agroforestry initiative has remained outside the scope of forest certification, as there is currently no suitable framework available. Double A is therefore working with PEFC towards the development of such a framework which would include ToF based agroforestry, enabling the smallholders to access the market of certified wood.


“With PEFC’s focus on enabling small- and family forest owners gain access to certification, Double A has brought the KHAN-NA initiative to the notice of PEFC in the last few years,” continued Mr. Leetavorn.


Double A is a front line supporter of the on-going Thailand Sustainable Forestry Standard development by TISI (Thailand Industrial standard Institute). It has also provided significant support to the Thailand Forestry Certification Council (TFCC) since its creation.


The Thai national forest certification system is expected to be submitted to PEFC for endorsement by mid-2017. 
Double A, as a partner organization, has pledged to run pilot programs for the standard and has committed all resources in its hand for implementation of the standard.


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