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Double A Opens Mill for PEFC Community from Laos and Thailand

Prachinburi, Thailand – Double A welcomed the delegation from the Programme for the Endorsement of Forest Certification (PEFC) International led by Mr Richard Laity, Project and Development Consultant of PEFC International – Southeast Asia, to its integrated pulp and paper mill.


The visit was organized as a special platform for capacity building and knowledge-sharing where the delegates can learn how Trees outside Forest (TOF) is managed by an established company, and how they can apply the knowledge and expertise to manage TOF in Laos. Trees outside Forest refer to ‘trees on land not defined as forest and other wooded land’. This includes agro-forestry.


The delegation consists of 25 participants from PEFC Pilot Project in Laos who are just learning about Trees outside Forest, Quality Management Systems (QMS) and certification, and Thailand Forestry Certification Scheme members from Request for Proposal (RFP), Kasetsart University Faculty of Forestry (KUFF) and Thai Industrial Standards Institute (TISI).


During the site visit, Double A presented its efficient and sustainable resource utilization management under the concept ‘No Waste is Wasted’ through a 4D presentation.  Double A highlighted how it turns its wastes from pulping process such as barks, oversized wood chips and black liquor into renewable biomass. Electricity from renewable biomass is used throughout Double A mill, while the excess is sold to the local grid.


The delegates also witnessed Double A’s research and development laboratory where it breeds its paper trees. And finally, Double A took the participants to the field for a first-hand experience of its ‘Paper from KHAN-NA’ farmed trees project.  Through this unique and sustainable approach, the paper trees are grown along the empty ridges that border the rice field, thus creating economic value from unused land, generating additional income for over 1.5 million Thai farmers, and protecting natural forests.


Meanwhile, PEFC Thailand is now reviewing the pilot projects submitted by key industry stakeholders to ensure the scope covers all possible wood sources in the certification. This includes Double A’s Paper from KHAN-NA which is classified under ‘Trees Outside Forests’.  The PEFC Thailand National Standard development has a timeline of three years and is expected to get endorsement by the end of 2016.

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