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Double A gives unique experience to Korean Youth in learning its sustainable production

Bangkok, Thailand – The new batch of KHAN-NA Expedition from Korea has recently visited Double A’s integrated pulp and paper mill to witness the ‘Double A Way’ of making sustainable paper, experience planting trees on KHAN-NA and learn the benefits of paper trees directly from Thai farmers.


The six-member group were selected out of 30 volunteer members based on their performance during the Plant: Play in KHAN-NA campaign in Seoul.  The selection criteria include their KHAN-NA changing idea in Seoul, presentation skills, team harmony and social media content, to name a few.

Photo Caption: The members of KHAN-NA Expedition from Korea and Mr. Somchai (middle), a Thai farmer who grows Double A paper trees on KHAN-NA.

Bokyung Kang (24) said “It was an amazing experience to witness the eco-friendly manufacturing process of 
Double A through my own eyes. Double A helps farmers and truly cares for the environment.  I will add the use of Double A paper in my list of eco-friendly practices and tell the story to people who cares about the environment”.


The mill visit is the culminating activity of Double A’s Plant: Play in KHAN-NA campaign in Korea, which was launched in April 2014 with Seoul City Government and social venture company Tree Planet as the official partners.  The campaign targets to bring the best value out of the wasted spaces through tree planting.  In October 2014, 8,000 trees and flowering plants were planted in the city’s 14 unused spaces following the KHAN-NA changing idea proposed by the expedition members.

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