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23 September 2016, Kuala Lumpur – Leading copy paper manufacturer, Double A, recently launched a campaign to draw attention to current environmental issues while promoting environmental sustainability. With the title 1Dream1Tree,  the initiative aims to address root-cause of environmental issues by encouraging individuals to play a role in preserving natural forests through their consumption choices. 1Dream1Tree promotes environmental conservation and educate Malaysians on sustainable products and the importance of collective efforts in caring for our planet.


The campaign that has been making an impact since July 2016 with consumer engaging activities and through collaborations and partnerships with like-minded individuals and organisations. This initiative introduces the world into Double A’s revolutionary paper manufacturing method with its Paper from KHAN-NA, a unique agro-forestry practice that utilises vacant space between rice fields in Thailand owned by local farmers who are provided additional income when they sell the sustainable fibre-source back to Double A. By creating a sustainable ecosystem around the business, Double A has not only managed to tackle environmental issues but also create a prosperous social and economic environment.


To further spread the message on sustainability, Double A collaborated with local champions of sustainable living Biji-biji Initiative, to conduct a creative workshop. Aimed to encourage people to re-examine their consumption choices and the impact made from individual contributions, the workshop focused on best use of paper in creative and functional ways. Guest present at the creative workshop included environmental advocate, Denise Keller, green lovers Deborah Henry and Hansen Lee.

Jey Bala and Irina Dubrovina from Biji-biji Initiative showing the classroom of guest how folding and rolling paper can create pretty craftworks.
Irina Dubrovina from Biji- biji initiative helping Deborah Henry (former beauty queen) out with her craftworks.
Deborah Henry (former beauty queen), Denise Keller (Campaign Ambassador) & Hansen Lee (TV Host and Yogi) together with their cool and functional craft, all made of paper!
Denise Keller and Mr. Thirawit Leetavorn (Senior Executive Vice President of Double A) getting crafty.
Denise Keller showing off her work of art with Mr. Thirawit Leetavorn in the background creating his craftwork.
Hansen Lee (TV Host and Yogi), Denise Keller (Campaign Ambassador), Mr. Thirawit Leetavorn (Senior Executive Vice President of Double A) and Deborah Henry (former beauty queen).

For more information on the 1Dream 1Tree programme, visit or follow them on instagram @onedreamonetree and Facebook “Double A Malaysia” for more details.

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