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Double A cooperates with NANOTEC to develop a Better Paper

Brighter, sharper and cost effective color copying will soon be added consumer benefit from Double A. Double A and the National Nanotechnology Center (NANOTEC), signed a research collaboration agreement to complete a nanotechnological analysis of toner impact on paper, the results will be brighter, sharper and lower toner costs per color copy print.

“Our commitment to office paper consumers is to continue to innovate and to bring the best in office paper quality at a fair value. Double A’s collaboration with NANOTEC is an example of our continued efforts to be at the forefront in technology that enables best quality printing for consumers of Double A. We believe this research will benefit consumers with brighter, sharper and lower toner costs for their colour copying needs”, revealed Mr.ThirawitLeetavorn, Double A senior executive VP.

Double A and NANOTEC will conduct a6-month research to develop the properties of Double A Paper and improve its overall performance from printing, copying, scanning to any related products and services by using the capabilities ofnanotechnology to analyzetherelationship between structure and property of paper and the interaction of toner and paper in nano scale. The goal is to better understand both the physical and chemical changes and develop a better paper thathas a sharpercolourand brighter copy to meet the various demands and high standards of customers.

Mr.Leetavorn added “Consumers today are more aware of the different quality paper available in the market and their demand for high quality paper is increasing due to the growth of technological advancement. They are calling for the paper that does not jam, can be used in multi-function printer, and can bring out the great colours and other good qualities, of which Double A paper can meet these requirements”.

Double A is continuously searching to expand through product offering and geographically. Since the world is a global community, word of Double A’s quality quickly spreads and the consumers’ demand for premium quality paper is there which DoubleA aims to fulfil. Double A will continue to bank on Research and Development (R&D)and innovation to create a better paper and a better environment for everyone.