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Advance Agro stimulates Thai publishers being Thailand printing exporting hub with the first model of printing house

       Advance Agro (Plc) is planning to set up a model of printing house which will be the first publishing learning centre in Thailand. The specialists from Hong Kong and Singapore who are now being recruited will pass on the knowledge and technology. Advance Agro (Plc) has pioneered and push forward the industry to compete with other countries to gain more publishing global market share and become the leader of market.
       Advance Agro (Plc) Executive Vice President for Marketing, Charnvit Jarusombathi said that to sustain the policy that encouraging Thai printing export industry, AA is preparing the printing house model in Prachinburi province which will be the learning centre of printing industry. The latest technology printing device has been imported. Meanwhile the printing professional from Hong Kong and Singapore are recruited to pass on the knowledge and skills of standard printing to the team. AA will also set up the first “Export Printing Learning Centre” in Thailand which offers an opportunity to printers from AA’s business alliance to practice, learn and gain more experience. AA believes that the “Export Printing Learning Centre” will create the top professional printers and publishers that enable to compete in regional market. After the learning centre being opened, as many printing houses in Thailand are using lower speed in printing operation than Hong Kong and Singapore about 20-30%, AA will start the fast speed printing operation which establishes the future effective path of Thai printing industry.Not only being the first Export Printing Learning Centre in Thailand, the model of printing house will be the source of quality stationery production under Double A brand emphasizing the effectiveness of Thailand printing industry which as the standard as Europe and Australia. The awareness will be created through the Double A brand, as the success of Double A in more than 8 countries and it is sold in more than 60 countries around the world.
     “Double A stationery will be sold and marketed mainly in other countries such as Europe, Australia, New Zealand, Hong Kong, Singapore and Korea for 85% of the production while 15% will be done in Thailand to serve the premium stationery market. We create the new market in the country, so this will not take over the key producer.Recently Double A has introduced Double A Stationery and gained awareness in some countries such as Hong Kong, Korea, Malaysia, Singapore and Taiwan. Therefore we believe that if we have a strong effective market strategy, Thailand printing products will be accepted and well known globally. And we will achieve BTH 30,000 Million of Thailand printing export.” Charnvit stated
      Advance Agro (Plc) has been promoting Thailand print export by set up Double A Thailand Print Centre project to supply print order from aboard to publisher in Thailand.