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Ms. Double A : Cartoon Ad. of Korea "No Fanning"

#2. No Fanning
  (Blowing the side of the ream)
  (Hit copy papers on the floor)
  Kim Daeri: OK! Now it will not jam at the copy machine?!!!

Miss Double A: (laughing)
Kim Daeri: Miss Double A?!
  Miss Double A:
What are you doing? Why are you wasting your time and energy on copy paper?
Kim Daeri: If not, copy paper does jam.

  Miss Double A: You forget Double A?
  Miss Double A: You just put Double A at the copy machine without fanning~
Kim Daeri: No way…

Miss Double A: As Double A is thicker and cut precisely, it does not stick to each other and is not double-fed.
Miss Double A: Look. It works without waste of time.

  Miss Double A: Time saving… starts from this… OK?
Kim Daeri: Ah…
Miss Double A: Double A does not need fanning~
Kim Daeri: Without fanning…