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Double A Alizay Mill Produces First Jumbo Reel

Alizay, France – Double A Alizay mill produces its first jumbo reel, four months after signing the deal with the Conseil Général de l’Eure in January. This signifies the successful and on-time relaunch of Alizay mill operations which is the fruit of collaboration and team work of French and Thai teams at all levels.

“The coming together of both teams and the enthusiasm emanating from them has led to the success of the mill restart.  Our target to relaunch the mill operations before the summer has been achieved”, shared Mr. Thirawit Leetavorn, Double A Senior Executive Vice President.

“We aim at developing our activities in French market starting in early 4th quarter of 2013.  Double A Alizay will serve as our base to expand our presence in the European market.  We will continue focusing on our premium brand Double A to capture the top end users who appreciate high quality paper made from ‘Paper from KHAN-NA’, a sustainable source of fiber”, said Mr. Leetavorn “This will ensure the sustainability of the fiber source and secure the quality of paper to be manufactured at Double A Alizay will be on par with Double A quality trusted by consumers in more than 120 countries worldwide” added Mr. Leetavorn.

Double A Alizay’s paper production capacity is 300,000 tons per year. As earlier announced, Alizay will be producing premium quality paper brands, namely, Double A, Smart Copy, Hi-Plus and Smartist. Paper brands at Double A Alizay will be produced using short fiber from KHAN-NA, Double A’s sustainable pulp from Thailand.