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Paper from Farm Trees - No Deforestation or Occupation of Farm Land

Release Date : November 9th, 2009
Source : Hong Kong Economic Times Newspaper
Section : Finance/page A12
Double A emphasized that the company used farmed trees to produce paper. They do not log natural wood or occupy farm lands
One of the farmer who has planted eucalyptus trees for 20 years said that they only plant trees between rice paddies. The only expenditure is to buy the sapling which costs 5 Baht from Double A and sell it at 70-100 Baht back to the company after 3 year. They do not have to add in fertilizer or water for the trees. From his land occupying around 10-heatre, he could enjoy an additional income of 100,000 Baht after harvest
Planting the rice paddies bring about 60,000 Baht each year but as they have to apply fertilizers, they earn very little from it. However, they cannot completely plant eucalyptus trees in the farm land since the trees are only suitable to grow in areas around the rice paddies
This is only a translated version, in case of any discrepancy between the English version and the Chinese version, the original version in Chinese shall prevail.