Double A Global



Date: 29th April, 2014


We would like to alert our valued customers that recently a considerable number of fraud companies, false websites, online scams and false information/document have been found, inducing and deceiving to be us, or our representative, or our authorized person.


Our company and our authorized persons cannot be responsible for any possible risk, loss and damage resulting from the use of false websites/information/document and actions of these fraud companies, false websites, online scams and false information/document. We will reserve the right to take legal action against such unscrupulous companies and imposters.



Please be aware that is our only official registered website where customers can receive all information related to our company profiles and products. We encourage customers to buy  Double A paper and paper products only from the duly authorized distributors and stationery shops.



If you suspect any attempt to defraud or a fraud should ever be perpetrated against us, please immediately report the activity to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.