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United Arab Emirates

Double A Products

Uncoated Wood-Free Paper

This is the paper of choice for printing and writing purposes and is produced in a variety of weights ranging from 50 to 120 grams per square meter, or GSM. Available in both rolls and sheets, the paper is also cut into standardized sizes and sold under the Double A brand.

Coated Paper or Art Paper

Coated on both sides with a white material for a smooth, glossy surface, this paper is available in both rolls and sheets.

Bleached Eucalyptus Kraft (BEK) Pulp

Double A produces three grades of pulp:
Slurry Pulp accounts for 40% of the pulp we produce and is piped to our two papermaking machines.
Dry Pulp accounts for about 50% of the pulp produced; with a moisture content of 10%, it is sold domestically and exported.
Wet Lap Pulp accounts for about 10% of the pulp produced; with a moisture content of 50%, it is sold to both domestic customers and a subsidiary, Hi-Tech Paper Co., Ltd., to be used in paper production. "